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Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp.,Ltd
Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp,.Ltd (here after referred as "DEHE") was founded in 1976, which is a professional research & develop, manufacture, marketing, service cooperation of Cellular Glass, PIR, PUR, Cold Insulation Pipe Bracket materials. Prior to others of this industry as A grade National Installation Qualification of professional insulation installation company which establish in 1993. In 2015, DEHE took the stock reconstruction step and officially changed its name into Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp., Ltd.
Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp.,Ltd
DEHE successively invested 390 million CNY to establish Tongxiang DEHE and Jiangsu DEHE as its owned subsidiary in 2012. Now, DEHE's total registered capital reached 166.88 Million CNY (including Zhejiang DEHE is 66.88million CNY, Jiangsu DEHE is 60 million CNY, Tongxiang DEHE is 30 million CNY, Zhejiang DEHE import and export Co.,Ltd. is 10 million CNY ), total fixed assets is 460 million CNY. Meanwhile, DEHE covers an area of 185,000 square meters and production capacity of Cellular Glass reaches 400,000 cubic meters including the designed capacity of ASTM Cellular Glass are 300,000 cubic meters, Cold Pipe Bracket(HDPIR) are 50,000 set , Polyisocyanurate (PIR) and Rigid Polyurethane Foam (PUF) are 100,000 cubic meters , Black (White) Retardant Mastic Sealant are 2,000 tons, DH Cryogenic Adhesive and DH TN-1 Adhesive are 1000 tons respectively. DEHE is one of the largest manufacturer of Cellular Glass in Asia, and DEHE is the DRAFTER company of national Cellular Glass industry standard.
Dehe provide excellent products and installation service, covers the fields of petrochemical, coal chemical, LNG storage, medium-low temperature thermal insulation, air-separation equipment insulation, subway chilled water pipe insulation, underground moisture insulation, residential insulation and other cold and thermal insulation.etc.
Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp.,Ltd
Brand Vision
Zhejiang Dehe Insulation Technology Corp.,Ltd
To harbor lofty insulation industry leaders, Dehe more in-depth insight intomarket demand, innovation and change, and optimize enterprise management, has always been committed professional, advanced insulation technologyresearch and development, and strive to become the best producers insulation industry.
Brand Concept
Customer trust is the cornerstone of the company's development . Dehe adiabatic importance of equality and cooperation relationship with our customers , and strive to enhance their level of service, the 361 -degree service toallow customers to experience the unusual satisfaction.
Enterprise mission: to provide the perfect solution for thermal insulation works
Dehe insulation will be provided by thermal insulation system is the best solution will be the vanguard of the outstanding representatives of the industry , the industry.
Market concept: let customers feel unique
Where there is a demand where there is market . Based on customer needs and requirements in order to create a centenary building mission , effortsto create a high-quality project , seeking a different place in Datong .
Entrepreneurship: pay, play , innovation , win-win
Entrepreneurial spirit is embodied style of employees . Pay, is to take the company interests, plant my glory, factory bad I shame ; assume that responsibility should be based on loyal commitment , says it will do ; innovation , carrying the future of business is the core of enterprise development momentum ; win only the hero of the team, no individual hero , with goals to unify behavior.
Style of work: seeking to grow inward , outward and development
Dehe people when they encounter problems , we must first look inward own shortcomings , and see for yourself as well as those who do not in place , do not make excuses , reasons, push the problem to someone else ; work together to seek the truth and pragmatic, breakthrough innovation, vision look away , the world development.