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DH85 Anti-abrasive Agent/Adhesive

DH85 Anti-abrasive Agent/Adhesive

DH85 gypsum plaster, is a reactive gypsum product that is mixed with water to form an inorganic, noncombustible adhesive or coating for fabricatin, it can be used as coating which can provide anti-abrasive surface on cellular glass surface. It also can be used as adhesive for cellular glass bonding. The dry powder can be used to level the tank bottom.

Product Description

Technical Data

Test ItemsUnitTechnical Data
White Powder
Bulk Densityg/cm3
Applying Timemin10~30
PH Value
Service Temperature-268~480

Product Application

Cellular glasses bonding;

Anti-abrasive agent on the bore surface of cellular glass;

Leveling powder on tank bottom.

Packing and Storage

Packed in plastic drums of 25kg each.

Store at room temperature and protect from light.

Application and Cautions

When used as adhesive, the mix ration with water is 1.5:1(by weight). Apply with brush or trowel. Do not move before setting. Recommended coverage: 1.5-1.8kg/ m2 .

When used as anti-abrasive agent, the mix ratio with water is 1.5:1(by weight). Apply full coverage on the surface. Recommended coverage: 0.8~1.0kg/m2.

keep container sealed when not in use.

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