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Notice in Foam Glass Production Process

Jul. 12, 2017

The foam was measured after the mix is poured into a mold box shape, foaming after its surface debonding, then it is removed from the box, placed in general a week before cutting, otherwise, bare board after cutting is easy to bend and deformation. The size of the box is generally 2m * 1.5m * 1.5m, and the actual height of the large foam body is about 1m. If the foam is too high, because the core part of the heat accumulation is difficult to shed, which is easy to cause the ‘core burning’ phenomenon, if minor core become darker in color, smell, serious color is brown and even smoke. The Foam Glass structure of the core is also changed, and the blister is bulky. In addition, due to improper processing of raw materials and processing, there will be foam cracks, voids, rotten bottom and other phenomena, although seemingly simple process, the process of manufacturing requirements are very strict.

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