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Foam Glass Is A Kind of Excellent Fireproof Material

Jul. 17, 2017

Foam Glass is a kind of excellent fireproof material.

Foam stripping is usually made of paraffin or butter with release paper or plastic film. The cutting machine adopts band saw, similar to the saw used in wood cutting, but the serration is smaller. In addition, if larger pieces of foam are placed after a shorter period of time, they shall be placed under the press to avoid deformation.

This sheet of polyurethane rigid foam can be used for insulation of buildings, walls, and roofing. In some cases, the walls are thinned and the radiators are stuck with 1.5cm or 2cm thick Polyurethane Foam Glass, enough to counteract the energy dissipation caused by the thinning of the wall. It is worth mentioning that most of the occasions of the paste should use different foaming rate of polyurethane foam liquid.

Polyurethane Foam Glass