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The Difference Between Foam Glass And Foam Cement

Sep. 08, 2017

Foam Glass and foam cement belong to inorganic foaming Thermal Insulation Material. They have excellent fire resistance, durability and excellent interface adhesion. They can be in the same age as building. Foaming cement production process is simple, general workshop type production is more, less used in thermal insulation project. More use of foam glass thermal insulation engineering in industrial area. In recent years, in the external wall insulation and roof insulation , thermal insulation has been widely used, and because of its convenient construction, long-term placement will not weathering, thus it is popular with majority of owners.

Cellular Glass is a material which is sintered by high temperature and has a high rate of closed cell and very low water absorption. Compared with foam cement, the unit weight can be lighter, the coefficient of thermal conductivity is relatively low, and the strength is higher.

Foam Glass