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PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam

PIR Poly Cyanuric Acid Ester Foam

PIR-Polyisocyanurate foam is a new professional cryogenic thermal insulation material. It's better than polyurethane foam(PUF) both in physical properties and fireproof performance, especially in thermal insulation and flame retardance. It has low thermal conductivity, wide service temperature, dimensional stability. Product have slab, shell, tee joint, reducer, irregular part and etc, it can be prefabricated or cut by client requested.

Product Description

Product Advantage

① Thermoset material with high combustion retarding level, meeting B1 Non Combustible of the national standard GB8264, and ASTM E84 standard.

② Low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance with temperature range from -196℃ to 120℃;

③ It features fluorin-free, environment-friendly, anti-corrosive, moldproof and etc;

④ High mechanical strength, dimensional stability and durable Life;

⑤ It can be NC mechanical cutting, meet various cold insulation design of thickness.

Technical Data

Test Item UnitTechnical DataTest Method
Density (at room temperature)kg/m³≥40ASTM D1622, GB6343
Thermal Conductivity (Ambient Temp.)W/(m.K)≤0.022ASTM C177, GB/T10294
Water Vapor Permeabilityng/(pa.m.s)≤5.0ASTM E96,GB/T17146
Water Absorption≤5ASTM D2842,GB/T8810
Closed Cell Concent>90ASTM D6226,GB/T10799
Compressive Strengthkpa≥200ASTM D1621,GB/T8813
Tensile Strengthkpa≥320ASTM D1623,GB/T8812
Oxygen Index
Reaction to Fire
Class B1GB 8624
Flame Spread Rate
≤25ASTM E84
PH value
6.0~11.7ASTM C871
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion1/K≤70╳10-6ASTM D696
Service Temperature-196~120

Product Application

PIR serve to cold insulation of pipelines and equipment in temperature range from -196℃ to 120℃, provides efficient and stable cryogenic thermal insulation effects as transmission media such as Liquefied Nitrogen (LN2, -196℃), Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG, -162℃), Liquefied Ethylene Gas(LEG, -104℃), Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG, -48℃) etc, commonly used in oil refinery, chemical, ethylene and fertilizer industries, as well as refrigeration house and LNG systems.

Packing and Storage

Outer packing with carton, special requirment is available according to request;

Store in a dry, shady, and ventilated place, keep away from heat source and protect from exposuring under sunshine.

Application and Cautions

PIR shall be handled gently, avoid rolling, shall not place heavy good on top, collision and heavy pressure during moving and transporting.

When applied to pipe and equipment insulation, PIR shall be fastened with glass fiber tape or steel band. During construction, if needs it can be cut to shape by saw.

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