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PUF-Rigid Polyurethane Foam PUF-Rigid Polyurethane Foam

PUF-Rigid Polyurethane Foam

Rigid Polyurethane Foam is a specialized cryogenic insulation material. It is mainly made from polyether polyols and isocyanate added with flame retardant, foaming agent and stabilizing agent, generating into closed-cell foaming body through chemical reaction after mixing and stirring. It has high closed cell content rate and low water absorption, it is applied to cryogenic thermal insulation.

Product Description

Products Advantages

① Thermosetting material with high fire-resistance;

② Low thermal conductivity, excellent cold insulation;

③ Fluorin-free, enviroment-friendly, anti-corrosive, anti-mold and etc;

④ High mechanical strength, dimensional stability and durable Life."

Technical Data

Test ItemUnitTechnical Data
Compressive StrengthMpa≥0.20
Tensile StrengthMpa≥0.20
Thermal Conductivity(25℃)W/(m.k)≤0.023
Oxygen Index

Water Absorption≤5
Service Temperature-80~100

Product Application

"It's wildly used in petroleum, chemical, ethylene industries, as well as in cold storage, refrigeration and residential. PUF can be prefabricated into different shape segments in workshop, it also can be spary or foamed on site."

Packing and Storage

Strapping Packing, special requirement is available according to request;

Store in a dry, shady, and ventilated place, keep away from heat source and protect from exposuring under sunshine.

Application and Cautions

When applied to pipe and equipment insulation, fastening with steel bands.

During construction, if needs it can be cut to any desiered shape by saw.

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