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DH Sealant is a kind of low-solvent brown jelly, the main composition is organic macromolecule resin, with non-volatile higher than 70%. It is used as vapor barrier sealant in joint of cellular glass and urethane foam board insulation. It remains soft and flexible in cryogenic temperature, preventing damage to the insulation due to thermal cycling.

Product Description

Technical Data

Test ItemUnitTechnical Data
Brown Jelly
Non-volatile ≥70
Low Temperature Resistance
No peeling off  after being soaked in liquid nitrogen
(-196℃) for 72 hours.
High Temperature Resistance 
No cracking or peeling off after 
being placed in 60℃ for 168 hours.
Service Temperature-196~80

Product Application

it is generally used as glue and sealant between thermal insulation materials, (eg. Cellular Glass, PIR-polyisocyanurate and PUR-polyurethane and etc), it remains flexible through temperature cycling, meanwhile excellent sealing effect can be achieved at joint butt to prevent insulation structure failure from water or water vapor penetration, it can set at ambient temperature.

Packing and Storage

Packed in iron pails, 20kg/pail;

Protect from light, store between 4°C to 38°C.

Use up within 24h after opening, keep container sealed when not in use.

Application and Cautions

Handle gently during moving to avoid packing damage;

The product may skin after long time exposed in high temperature conditions, or after long time sealed storage. Skinning will not affect the performances and the product under the skin can be used.

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