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The New White Mastic The New White Mastic The New White Mastic

The New White Mastic

"Flame retardant mastic is a white gray thick jelly, made of epoxy resin, organic solvent, film forming agent, plasticizers, flame retardant, and fillers. It is mainly used as vapor barrier layer for cold insulation and moistrue proof material for building roof. It has all advantages of asphat based mastic, such as better formability, wider service temperature, better cold resistance, due to its main film forming matter is organic polymer. it can not melt or crack easily in hot or cold temperature, and its application totally same as asphat based mastic. "

Product Description

Technical Data

Test ItemsUnitTechnical Data 
White Gray
Densitykg/m³ 1300±100
Bonding StrengthMpa≥0.25 (20℃)
Oxygen Index
Fire ResistanceDo not cause flame spreading during construct excution, flame retardant after dried, flame will self-extinguish within 1s after fire source leaves.
Heat Durability
No flowing or bubble, after 4 hours at 95℃,  then 1 hour at 120℃(positioned at 45°);
Freezing Resistance
No cracks or flak after 2 hours at -60℃
Water Absorption≦0.5% by weight(soak in water for 24hours at room temperature).
Drying TimehSet to touch: 5 hours, dry through: 7days.
Volatiles %≤30
Service Temperature -60~95

Product Application

It is a ideal cold insulation and vapor barrier coating material providing cryogenic thermal insulation, fire proofing and moisture resisitance together with insulation materials like cellular glass, PIR-polyisocyanurate and PUR-polyurethane in petrochemical industry. it is applied to tank, pipeline, vessel and etc.  In addition, mastic is commonly used in residential as waterproofing material for roof waterpoof, aqueduct joint sealant, etc.

Packing and Storage

Packed in iron pails of 30kg/pail

Store at room temperature, and light proof place.

Application and Cautions

Handle gently during moving to avoid packing damage;

To provent water infiltration, properly joints all penetrations before apply.

Keep ventilation on site, keep container sealed when not in use;

Recommend coverage: 6~8 kg/m2

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