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TN-1 Adhesive TN-1 Adhesive TN-1 Adhesive

TN-1 Adhesive

TN-1 Adhesive is a special single component and non-solvent polyurethane adhesive, basic component are polyether, additive material, flame retardant and accessory ingredient etc, it has no irritable smells or toxicity, can be set at ambient temperature. It is convenient to brushing and spraying, suitable for long-term application. It would dry natruely at normal temperature after bonding. It is insoluble after drying and has excellent waterproofing property.

Product Description

Technical Data

Test ItemUnitTechnical Data
Pale Yellow or Brown Viscous Liquid
Density kg/m³1100~1200
PH value
Adhesive Strength Mpa≥2
Service Temperature -196~250

Product Application

It is commonly used as the adhesive for thermal insulation materials, such as Cellular Glass, PIR-polyisocyanurate and Polyurethane etc. 

Packing and Storage

Packed in iron pail of 20kg/pail;

Store at room temperature, and light proof.

Application and Cautions

Application: do not delute, apply to clean, dry, oil-free surface only. Use trowel, brush or spray evenly coating on workpiece surface.

Bonding: place material on the base face, pressing is not necessary, but a light press will lead to a better bonding result.

Set time: 5~15min(25°C), depending on weather and temperature conditions;

Use up within 2h, keep container sealed when not in use.

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