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Wear-resistant Agent Wear-resistant Agent Wear-resistant Agent

Wear-resistant Agent

Wear-resistant agent is white viscous liquid, commonly used interface of the cellular glass and base face, after moulding it would enhance the abrasion resistence for cellular glass, prevent abrasion coming from vibrations of facilities and temperature cycling, reduce cold energy loss, meanwhile extending the life time of the equipment.

Product Description

Technical Data

Physical PropertiesUnitTechnical Data
White Viscous Liquid
Heat Resistance
No flowing or bubble after 5h at 100℃;
Frost Resistance
No flowing or color change after
 2h in liquid nitrogen (-196℃)
Adhesive Strength (Ambient Temp.)
Brush on cellular glass surface, dried in 60min, 
and no peeling off scrapped by fingernail after 6h ;
Service Temperature-196~100

Product Application

Wear-resistant agent mainly applied between cellular glass and base face, to protect the cellular glass insulation system from abrasion.

Packing and Storage

Packed in iron drums of 25kg each;

Use up within 24h, keep container sealed when not in use.

Store at temperature from 4°C to 38°C and protect from light.

Application and Cautions

Application: do not dilute, apply only to clean, dry, oil-free surface, brush evenly coated on workpiece surface.Precipitation can be found after long term storage, that will not affect the performance, stir well before apply.